In Case You Hadn’t Noticed…

Lovely in the Everyday has moved!

On October 1, I moved Lovely over to my new online home:! I’ll be updating and blogging at This Rugged Heart now instead and will be closing down Lovely in the Everyday in the near future.

Thanks for following Lovely. I’ve really enjoyed having this blog and am excited to continue the experience over at This Rugged Heart.


A Brief Hiatus

There won’t be a Friday Faves post today. Instead I’m going to give you all a heads up that for the next week or two, I’m taking a break from blogging.

It’s been a hard week. My last with Stephen before he leaves for seminary on Sunday. Things like blogging or writing or reading have sort of gone out the window this week in a cruel game of grabbing time.

I wanted to say thank you for the support. I couldn’t get through this crazy thing without the support of my family and friends. You all are my rock solid foundation.

I’ll see you in a few weeks!

Into the Storm

Here’s a piece I wrote last week on my way to work. Enjoy!

A storm is coming. I can see the clouds in the distance. Dark, ominous, full of rain to be let out on the earth at just the right moment. I can feel the weight of it. The humidity is almost unbearable to a temperate climate girl like me.

I climb in my car, start the engine and pull out of the apartment complex. I don’t need to be reminded that I’m going to work. I’m already too aware. I wish I didn’t have to go, that I could, instead, work in the day, like a normal human being and spend the evening cuddling with my love and getting other things done, instead of pouring water for customers eating a seven course meal when I haven’t had dinner.

I roll down the windows, letting my nose take in the smells. Over the fast food smell, the consumeristic, corn smell of McDonalds and Burgerville, I can smell it.


The storm is brewing.

For the first time in months, I smell rain. That beautiful, wet, earth-made-new, smell. It unleashes a wealth of memories, of thoughts and feelings. I always feel happiest during two times: when I’m with the people I love the most and when it rains.

I love rain.

There’s the typical cliché things: it’s cleanses, it refreshes, without rain we wouldn’t have the beautiful greenery of the Pacific Northwest.

People write all sorts of allusions to the weather. Some talk about the first day of spring as a reminder of rebirth, as a token that says winter will soon be over. Some speak of hard times of life as compared to rainstorms or to the middle of winter.

I think of rain as something that rebirths.

Last October, I knew when it would rain. I sat on the porch of the house I shared with twelve other girls, and waited. I could feel it. I could smell it. My whole body was primed and ready, anxious to hear it, feel it, dance in it, chomping at the bit, oozing impatience for my long-anticipated rain.

And there it was. The smell gave way to the clouds unleashing the first few precious drops of rain. I ran out into the road, dancing down the street as the summer stores made rivers in the gutters and lakes in the rose beds.  I got muddy, soaking wet and goosebumpy all over. And I loved it.

I went back inside, made a cup of tea and sat and watched the rain. I could watch rain forever. One night at work a few months ago, I was so captivated by the rain that my coworkers had to constantly remind me that we were in fact working. They laughed behind their hands at my fascination, but if only they knew what rain means.

Rain means a chance to start over. Rain signifies autumn, the season of hunkering down and preparing for life’s future. The season of taking everything as beauty, even decay and death, and loving it all the same.

Rain. Tonight it might rain. I can see the clouds in the distance. Full, heavy, carrying the weight of rain kept in its cage for far too long. It wouldn’t be good for our customers tonight, but it would certainly be good for me.

Good for my soul. It would be good for my soul to see a storm. To see a reflection of the stirring within me on something so simple as the changing of the seasons. Maybe that would make the circumstances seem somewhere closer to the realm of reason. Maybe my frustrations with my job, my fears of my future, my despair at losing the love of my life, and my loss of purpose might somehow be seen in the storm.

Because normally, after a summer storm, one sees a rainbow. There is always good after a storm. Some beautiful combination of sunlight and water makes the perfect circle of light, a sight to see, a promise to be faithful, a bold declaration.

To see a promise during my job (that can often be the brain child of Satan’s lover) would be a true miracle indeed.

I step out of my car.

I step into the storm.

Oat and Blueberry Smoothie

Here’s another smoothie idea for your Monday!

Every tried oats in a smoothie? I threw them into this smoothie on a whim and LOVED it. It’s a great addition to an already delicious smoothie.

For this smoothie I tossed a HUGE handful of spinach, a small scoop of ice cream, a bunch of blueberries, some oats and a dash of milk into the blender. What came out was a delicious concoction of healthy and delicious wonderfulness.


The Wonderful Web

This post is a little late today, mostly because of a busy week. I had two friends from out of town visiting which lent to a fantastic week. Enjoy your Sunday folks!

-this lovely post on having multiple kids…because honestly, having more than three terrifies the heck out of me

-contrary-wise, an article on being childfree

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-to add to the copious amounts of money advice

-my friend Renee started this great website about her stuffed goat’s adventure’s around the world

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-the value of a handwritten note

Wisdom from Winnie the Pooh

Friday Faves

Book to Read:

Vintage Cocktails

Need I say more?

Thing to Make:

Lemon-and-Mint Julep Recipe

Lemon and Mint Julips

Weekly Adventure:

The sweetest date with my love: a surprise picnic at one of our favorite look outs in the valley!

Favorite Quote:


Place I’m Craving:

Beautiful Vermont

Vermont in the Fall

Cravings for Autumn

It’s been HOT guys. For a girl raised in Washington and Oregon, where the temperatures rarely every see above 90, this has been one toasty summer. I’m not a warm-weather bird. I’d much prefer it to be colder. I enjoy cuddling and snuggling and cozying and this heat is just not cutting it.

Which is why I’ve been having major intense cravings for autumn. My favorite season is almost here…I can feel it.

I am on of those people who LOVES that period of the year from October to December. The weather, the holidays, the food, the drinks, the RAIN. I love it. And it is SO CLOSE.

It makes me think of school, and projects, and late fall coffee dates spent walking through lines of trees turned gold from the changing seasons.

And then I think of school again. And I realize that I’m not going back this fall. For the first time in my life, autumn will be rung in in an entirely different way. No more back-to-school rush to get notebooks or pencils, no more syllabi days (which were always my favorite because my Type A personality loves a schedule), no more buzz about new classes and new teachers and how much work we’re going to have to do all semester.

Instead, my fall will be rung in with work. More work. The same old, same old, that has been my rhythm for the whole summer, will continue on through the fall. My schedule will stay the same, my days will rise and fall as they have the past three months. Nothing new.

Except for autumn. Except for trees changing from green to gold, for 90 degree temperatures to return to a more comfortable 50-60. Except for shorts and dresses being exchanged for boots, sweaters and scarves and for iced tea being traded in for warm apple cider, or hot tea with lots of milk and sugar.

I can’t even wait.