Short-Story Saturday

Here’s another story to make up for the lack of one last week. I was on a mission trip to Mexico with my youth group and college group. But here is a new story! I hope you all enjoy!

The Legacy of the Storm

He was born in the eye of a storm; a hurricane in New Orleans. The tense wait for the coming storm in the calmness of the eye would come to define his life as would the colorful flutter of his hometown. He arrived in the world with a brain already full of ideas storming around and a wild personality to match.  He was nicknamed McStorm by the time he was six months old.

He grew up as wild as a hurricane and as destructive as a tornado, his mother often finding his bedroom walls covered in paint or crayon or marker from when an idea struck at just the moment when he was without paper. His father found him in the backyard once, covered in dirt but proudly looking down at a rock structure that looked remarkably similar to ancient Rome, complete with small people sprinkled throughout the dirt streets.

By the time he was in high school he had figured out how to channel his energetic spirit and creativity to other things, particularly directing movies. He went to college, majored in cinematography, moved to LA and married to an actress. Wherever he went, the storms followed. He bounced from project to project, pumping out blockbuster hits like Zeus’s lightning factory, each more stunning and powerful than the next. In between Academy Awards and Grammy nominations he still pumped out ideas, barely pausing before plunging into his next movie.

He watched his four kids, who were all born within a year of each other, grow up, none of whom had careers in the entertainment business and had more grandchildren than he knew what to do with. Well, except for Ricky, the youngest grandkid. Ricky was exactly like McStorm, stormy and grey and creative. Ricky followed his grandfather’s footsteps.

McStorm never stopped making movies. He was visiting New Orleans for ideas for a movie and was waiting out a hurricane very similar to the one in which he had been born. He was busy writing down ideas, on paper this time, when his stormy heart finally gave way, and in the eye of the storm his pen stopped moving and his soul flew out to join the storm. Ricky took his grandfather’s last three ideas, turned them into his grandfather’s vision and on the night of each movie’s premier, storms blew near the theaters as audiences around the globe watched McStorm’s last legacy. Ricky took this as a symbol of his grandfather’s approval.



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