A Make Up…

For my serious lack of blogging! I have been crazy busy the past couple of weeks with RA training, mission trips and excursions through the woods. So to make up for it, here is a poem I wrote on a trip to the beach recently. And look for a new Short Story Saturday this weekend!

The Edge of the World

Where the sun meets the horizon

Where the clouds fade to castles in the sky

The edge of the world is where I find you

Where the soul meets the mind

Where memory fades to the sea

The edge of the world is where You lead me


This much I know

That You know the plans You have for me

This much I trust, I will follow

May I tread in the steps of your bloodstained feet

Lead me where I should go

I’ll venture forth to wherever you call me

To the edge of the world and back


Where can You lead me that I will not go?

Where do You call that I will no respond?

If I am to stay where I am or to leave all I know?

Will I not follow?


I will lead to many wondrous places

But places have wonder in all sorts of ways

What is wondrous to me may not be wondrous to you

Keep learning to look through my eyes

The edge of the world is where I will guide


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