Starving Myself Till Sunday

This new season of Lent has become a particular challenge for me. I love the idea of giving something up in an effort to spend more time with Christ, find your center, refocus, whatever. This time around though, it’s really, really hard.

You might be thinking that I gave up something like my homework or my contacts or coffee dates. But no…I gave up media. Not all media…just a lot of it. No Facebook, no Pinterest, none of my blogs (cept this one…I had to cave and write SOMETHING… telling a writer not to write is like telling a fish to swim in air). No online TV shows. So there goes my Bones marathons and keeping up with Once Upon a Time.

I never realized how much time I spent on the internet. Doing…well, nothing of too much significance. Facebook, Pinterest, baking and wedding blogs…I didn’t realized how much I was involved with this online “life”. And this no Bones thing? Killing me.

Okay, I know that’s petty. And I’m definitely the type of girl who would much rather be outside or doing something crafty than spend all her time on the internet, but considering I’m in college with limited resources and limited time, there’s just not much opportunity to do stuff non-internet. And all the crafts I want to do require major thrifting.

All of that to say, now I DO have the time. Cept now I can’t get on Pinterest to look at all the crafts that I wanted to do. How’s that for irony?

Something I have noticed so far though: I’m a lot more diligent now that I don’t have the next episode of Bones looming over my head and the anticipation of seeing the new Pins on Pinterest.

I might almost be bored.

Granted, I do have Sundays. Many denominations allow for Sundays as feast days, so day after tomorrow you’ll likely find me once again on Facebook, Pinterest, my blogs. Maybe I’ll throw in a new Bones episode for fun. I’m still limiting it though. No more than one a week.

I’m still not sure what to do DURING the week though. I need another book to read…


One thought on “Starving Myself Till Sunday

  1. I enjoy reading your blog, so I’m glad you’re not giving that up! Luckily, my massage therapist watches Once Upon a Time so I can discuss it with her. I admire your self discipline; you’re an inspiration!

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