Passions Combined

Goodness, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?? Busy busy with prep for my mission trip to Romania and lots of awesome journalism projects. Odd that I haven’t updated this blog…I’ve updated the blog associated with my Journalism 2 class three times. See it here.

I’ve been working on a lot of projects for my Journalism class. All these projects require lots interviews. And I love it. 🙂 I’ve gotten the chance to interview some really cool people (teachers, family, friends) and hear their stories on things that I’ve never heard their perspectives on before. I recently got to interview my aunt on a cause that is very close to her heart, UnDriving and learn more about her passions. Her passion got me excited!

I’ve also had the chance to interview some of my teachers and the campus pastor (again…I’ve interviewed her I think four times this year!). It’s been a fun experience listening to their wisdom and their hope and fears for the church. It’s fasinating!

But this next project is on something that has been a silly passion of mine for a couple years: weddings. And more importantly, marriages. I’ve been slightly obsessed with weddings for a good long while (before Journalism happened, I wanted to be a wedding planner). And now I get the chance to combine both elements. I’m doing a project centering around a few couples, who are married or are engaged to be married. It’ll be a sort of scrapbook sort of thing, with pictures and advice on marriage and maybe some wedding advice. Who knows…mostly this just gives me a chance to interview some couples I know and who are great examples. I’m stoked, so say the least. I love hearing people’s stories!


One thought on “Passions Combined

  1. hi Alexis,
    I’m so proud of you that you are studying journalism and enjoy it now. Because you said you wanted to be a writer when I was in Seattle. I must read all of your articles!

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