Countdown For Take Off

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I am excited to let you all know that a new blog is slowly starting to be in the works!

This is my last year at Fox. In May, I will be graduating from this small Oregon University with a degree in Journalism and branching off into the world to live and work and write and explore. It’s so strange to think that in a year, a new stage of life will begin for me.

And that new stage, of course, requires lots of planning! Which, when I’m not running around panicking about money or how in the hell am I going to pay off my student loans or where I’m going to go first in this big crazy world, I actually am more excited about being graduated and on my own than, I think, anything else so far. To have my own apartment, my own place. I can build my own life from the ground up and enjoy life in the “real world” as it were.

I feel a bit as if every day I’m bouncing on a trampoline that will eventually springboard me into this next stage of my life. As I gain more momentum, I get more and more excited and I’m looking forward to what the horizon will bring.


One thought on “Countdown For Take Off

  1. I celebrate your excitement, Lexie, especially as someone who remembers well what it means to be looking at that horizon. But also remember to enjoy the moment. Your senior year in college will never happen again–and there’s lots of cool things that are going to happen to you this year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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