Packing Tips and Baggage

I am packing. And what does one pack when they travel to a country like Bangladesh? I’m generally a minimalist, in almost everything except books (and with books I’m dangerously excessive!).  But how does one pack for a country they’ve never been to, with a religion and culture that they have never experienced? How does one prepare??

How does one prepare? How do I prepare?

I’ve gotten asked multiple times by people (jokingly, of course) as to whether or not I’ll actually come back to the States at the end of my trip to Asia. Will I? Most likely, not all of me will return, and the part that does return, will not be the Alexis that left.

Scary isn’t it?

I can see the change before me, as if I’m standing on the crest of a wave, waiting for it to crash forward. I need my mind to be blown.

Granted, I’m sure it’ll be blown the minute I step off that 14 hour flight into the Dubai airport. Will I get culture shock? What am I saying…of course I will.

These past few months of preparation and packing and reading and discovering have given me information. My mind is ready for what I will see. But is my heart? Is my soul? I’m more than eager to find out. I’m eager to find out how far I can go.

All of that to say, packing for a place I’ve never been, that is so completely different from what I’ve ever known is a trip all on it’s own. The minimalist in me is in a deep fight with my be-prepared-for-anything side. And that’s an experience.

And finally I thought I’d share my top 3 packing tips for any of you traveling over the holidays!

#1: Always, always, always make a list. And include things mundane and simple, like your phone charger or lotion. Seriously…it can only help.


#2: Plan ahead what goes where. What are you taking in your carry on? What will you need in motion (flight, train, ship, car) that should be in an easy access place? Like chapstick…those little buggers always waltz their way to places I don’t want them to be.

#3: Roll away! Roll everything. Everything. Shirts, jeans, skirts, underwear, cardigans. Not only does this technique save a ridiculous amount of space (perfect for those of us who like a varied wardrobe or the souvenir fiends!), but it also prevents your clothes from getting funky creases and wrinkles. Use scarves and socks to fill in air pockets and you’re good to go.


Rolling your clothing will limit the space they take up.

Wish me luck, prayers, happy thoughts or whatever your thing is as I venture off into the unknown on Christmas Day!

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


2 thoughts on “Packing Tips and Baggage

  1. Praying for your trip, Alexis! I know you’re going to be challenged emotionally, physically and most importantly spiritually and those are all good things!
    Tip #4 take LOTS AND LOTS of pictures for us to see when you get back!

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