New Year’s Eve in Dhaka

I’m sitting on my bed, listening to pounding music outside my window. The base is bumping, I can hear partying from where I sit and the music is so loud. I don’t know if fireworks are going to happen, but this is very different from the typical nights in Dhaka. At least, typical for me. I haven’t even been here a week and already I feel like I’ve known Dhaka for a while. Which I know I haven’t…but I want to. I really want to.

I started work at the icddr,b yesterday. Anyone who reads my blog should check them out: They are doing some seriously cool work in diarrhoeal research, nutrition education and HIV/AIDS. In fact, Bangladesh is the country that sends aid to other countries with cholera and dehydration. Strange isn’t it? The third world country, that most people write off is the one hosting the most important and key player in researching many of the diseases that claim millions of lives each year.

I get to work in the communication department. I’ll be writing a feature that apparently will go on the website, and am providing journalistic consulting (doesn’t that just sound grand?? :P) for their institutional newsletter. icddrb is a fascinating organization and I feel honored to have the chance to work for them, even if only for a week.

And somehow during that week…News Years happened! As I’m writing this, the New Year has already arrived in Japan, China, and Sydney. It’ll hit Dhaka in an hour. And that’ll be the close of 2012. What a year…If anything has been the theme this year, it’s that I’m blessed. Incredibly and immensely blessed. Somehow, I’ve ended up with friends and family and professors who have rocked my world, challenged me, loved me, supported me and have just generally been awesome. I couldn’t have gone through this year without them. It would have been hard, but even farther than that, if would have been…in a word, lame. Without the incredible people in my life and the relationships I’m blessed to have and the experiences that I’ve been given, this life wouldn’t be half as exciting and wonderful as it is.


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve in Dhaka

  1. Hi Alexis, this is grandma Samples and I praise the Lord that you have communications with the USA through internet. I hope your stay Dhaka is pleasant and that you learn much from your trip there. Love, Grandma

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