The Wonderful Web

Now that I’m home from my Medford adventure, I’m homework bound today. But before I dove too deep into homework, I wanted to share some blog posts from my favorite blogs. A bunch of my favorite blogs post their web links every Sunday, and I think I’d like to mirror the habit.

-Whitney has this great tutorial on how to make clay rose earrings that I’m dying to try.

-Mr. and Mrs. Globetrot are sharing photos from their adventure to Cuba. There are four different Cuba posts, and they are all stunning.

-Sociological Images brought up an interesting point on the different ways society views men and women who act on strong emotion

-How to properly chop an onion. Somehow I missed that in all the cooking classes I received from my dad.

-France has been on my mind for the past month; perhaps I’ll make these chocolate eclairs to ease the longing for the tastes and smells of Paris.

-Here’s an interesting look on indoor cats. I’m trying to decipher how realistic they are being and how dramatic. We’ve had outdoor cats for years and nothing horrible has happened to them. Somehow, I don’t think my cat, Neville would be too happy with being an indoor kitty…he likes the sun too much:

He really loves sunshine.


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