The Wonderful Web

How was your weekend folks? Mine was a relaxing one. With lots of homework. Here’s some of my favorite links this week!

-I’ll start with this incredible TED talk by Lakshmi Pratury on letter writing and the impact that her father’s letters had on her life. I love a good hand-written letter. Nothing beats it.

-this adorable dog scarf…plus it’s modeled on a dalmatian. And someday, I’ll have a dalmatian.

heart-shaped crayons….I’ll making these for a particularly dear little girl 🙂

-I’ve had adoption on my heart all week. This article is an eye-opening look into international adoption.

-New favorite blog: the ramble. This gal runs her own business from all over the world. She and her dog, Luna travel the world. I want that job! Here’s a great blog on packing.

-I don’t have my own living room yet, but when I do, I’ll use these tips.

-Nomadic Matt wrote about Portland!

How to Shuck Oysters…a skill everyone should know how to do.

Reading: The Painted Kiss by Elizabeth Hickey

Listening: lots of Gotye this week. Somebody That I Used to Know was perpetually stuck in my roommate’s and my heads.


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