Remnants of Our Surroundings

As I write this, it’s fifteen minutes till the end of my 21st birthday. And I’d like to take a moment to brag about the people I know, because they are basically the most incredible people I know.

Today I was sung to by my bible study in three-part harmony. I LOVE hearing them sing. They served me red velvet cupcakes (my favorite) on Leslie’s best crystal and we drank apple cider out of crystal glasses. We laughed and toasted and chatted and I was reminded of the blessing of friends with whom you can share things even if you aren’t always together.

I got a heart-shaped cupcake train on the dining room table of my house. My housemates sung to me and presented me with a box of gifts. Small things that reminded them of me. A quote book, a simple word, a tube of glitter, a poster, a wand, all representative of the depth and breadth of the relationships I’ve formed with those girls. And I was reminded of how the people who know you the best love you despite knowing too well.

I got a three-page letter, reminiscent of a bible letter. Full of depth and intention and thought and I cried all three times that I read it. And I was reminded of the blessing of surrounding myself with people who can see the good when I can’t, and the goodness of people who stop to think and treasure.

I was given special treats from friends who I don’t get see very often. And I was reminded of the longevity of friendship and how time, space, lack of conversation or distance aren’t necessarily enough to break apart the bonds of friendships.

And I want to dedicate who I am now to the people who are/were in my life. Everyone touches us in one way or another. These are the people (though not all of them to be sure!) who have touched me:

To my family who took enough care to send me cards and gift cards and chocolate covered fruit even from far away. They have molded me and shaped me into the core of who I am.

To my housemates who have loved me and encouraged me as I’ve stumbled ungracefully through a year of not understanding where I stand.

To the girls who have walked beside me as we struggle with reacclimating after life-changing experiences abroad.

To my bible study who helped point out the things important to me and walk with me as I figure out my future.

To my niece and nephew, who I can now call friends.

To my parents for being the best ever and unconditionally loving and supporting me.

To my priest-brother who walks through tough things and constantly reminds me that God loves me.

To my two bosom buddies, my kindred spirits who, despite our differences, are my sisters in soul and heart, even if not in blood.

To my soul sister in Africa who taught me to see the world broader than I have and still inspires me to learn, reach, try, dream.

To my besties from childhood, I wouldn’t be who I am without them. And, here I am, very different, but they still love and support no matter where the four of us go.

We are all remnants of the people in our lives. We are who we surround ourselves with. The people in our lives make the most influence on who we become. I have been blessed with incredible friends and family. And I am lucky to be a remnant of them all.


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