The Wonderful Web

Hey guys! I definitely forgot to write an intro to this post when I first published it…it’s been (and will be) one of those weeks! San Fran bound again on Thursday. I hope I’ll actually make it there this time!

-This incredible cheese slicer is rocking my world. Cheese is the greatest guys, and this would be so incredibly handy! I’ll be getting this post-grad.

-read a lot of articles on feminism this week. This one spoke to me and made me cry:       “I stand, sometimes silent, sometimes sharing a blog post (by others, of course), sometimes offering a comment.  So those on facebook have at least seen intriguing headlines, reminding them the world is not so black and white…Where there is an other, an oppression, a minority, a different way, I pray I be found standing on their side.  Where there are other people who have been shut down and shut out, I hope I will be found with them.”

-Ever heard of subscription boxes? They’re like magazines, only boxes of cool stuff that a company compiles for you. I’m super into Olive Box…this will be addition to my mail slot post grad as well.

-This beautiful DIY Calligraphy Art will be a project for my apartment next year!

-The Oscars are coming! And while I won’t be celebrating (because, yes, the Oscars are definitely something to celebrate), here’s some sweet snacks to enjoy if you’re getting some people over tonight. I’d especially want to try that popcorn!

-definitely making these penny letters for my kitchen. They are so cool!

Reading: The Painted Kiss by Elizabeth Hickey

Listening: Michael Buble…I’ve got jazz on the brain.


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