In Which We DO Go to San Francisco

Here it is folks: the post about our trip to San Francisco!

Chelsea and I got a brochure from ACP (Associated Collegiate Press) in December about their upcoming National Collegiate Journalism Conference and we knew immediately that we wanted to go.

After numerous proposals, almost missing the deadlines for booking the hotel and getting the conference tickets and about a week where I almost lost my mind trying to figure out plane tickets for nine people, everything was planned. The conference was paid for, the hotel was reserved, the plane tickets were bought (even if we all ended up on different flights). All that was left was for us to actually get there.

After figuring out the BART, almost getting lost multiple times (the second group almost ended up in the Tenderloin!) we all met at the Westin Hotel and collapsed in one of our rooms. Since we had missed the first session, we decided to spend the evening exploring the city. Food was the first priority, and we ended up in Chinatown.

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Lackey.

We finished off the night with a walk through SFMOMA (the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art). Stunning.

Photo Courtesy of Joel Rurik.

The next day was spent at the conference (which requires it’s own post, coming soon!) and we all saw a few things to change about our little newspaper.  Then we spent our evening traipsing across the SF waterfront.

This was my favorite part of the trip.

You know how sometimes there are groups of people that just click? You can laugh together, have fun together and be generally fantastic together? This is one of those groups.

For dinner we went to Scoma’s, which is (according to Vince, our business manager and resident diva) the best seafood restaurant in San Fran. Zagat said the same thing, and our Communication Department was paying, so there we went. Our waiter was French and our bill was an exorbitant amount of money, but so so worth it.

Photo Courtesy of Joel Rurik

Our next stop was Ghirardelli Square to get chocolate, of course, and groove to music by this artist who got James Taylor stuck in my head for the whole weekend! We explored the rest of the Wharf and Pier 39 and then headed back to our room which Heather took to calling “our 28th floor penthouse” all weekend to hang out before bed. Chelsea and I had to send the rest of the group off the next morning at 5am and spent a little more time in the city before we had to leave for the airport ourselves at the close of a really fabulous trip.

More to come on the conference itself later, along with some of the radical people that Chels and I got to spend this weekend with!

Photo courtesy of joel rurik

To read about my other trip to San Fran (the one that never made it) click here!


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