The Story Behind the March 6 Issue

These are the days when I LOVE being a journalist. It’s the days when you know that this is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, that you can do it right and well and that you can even, maybe, be graceful in pulling it off. The March 6 issue faced a good amount of barriers to get published this week. Let’s just say that George Fox has one pretty badass staff to pull off a really incredible feat.

It started out as a bright, sunny Monday. Of course, I didn’t’t know this because I was still asleep, blissfully unaware of the day I was about to have. I was jolted from my NyQuil induced slumber with a phone call from our printer, Orgeon Lithoprint.

They couldn’t print our paper because of the two extra pages we had added. We either had to take the two pages off or add four.

So add four we did.

In fifteen minutes I was in the office, my voice croaking from some weird plane virus I caught on our way home from San Francisco. Chelsea was already at work moving stuff around and fiddling with different things in the layout and brainstorming story ideas.

“We can make this work!” she assured me in her typical cheery voice. I agreed wholeheartedly, contacted several of our staff members, and sat down to crank out two articles (that technically should have been due a week prior, but things like life and San Francisco trips got in the way).

I texted Heather, our investigative journalist extraordinaire and in she came about twenty minutes later, jabbering about the breaking news story she was covering on the anonymous tell-all board for our school. She was waiting on one quote, and sat at the table with me to wait it out.

Minutes later Leah came in, and we discussed the different layouts and what to do with the ads that had caused the problem in the first place. When she wasn’t in the office editing around the ads and adding in extra articles, she was out on campus getting photos from students and filling space with her creative genius.

Heather got the email from Student Life: they hadn’t heard about the issue surrounding the tell-all page, even though rumors said that Student Life was behind it. We sat, stumped, trying to figure out where the article should go now that there wasn’t much of story. A breakthrough happened later, after several more emails from our Dean of Student Life.

If we weren’t in class or meals, we were in the office. Editing, writing, emailing our adviser, Student Life, the Newberg Police Department, our Business Manager and even the legal help line for collegiate journalists. Everything we could do to make sure these stories and this paper got done before midnight amidst our other commitments.

Maybe it was the conference and our reclaimed love of journalism and a good story; maybe it was the boredom of living on such a calm campus or maybe we just realized that we loved working together, but somehow, in one day, we cranked out that paper with four extra pages and four extra articles, two of which were breaking news stories that the campus needed to know.

All year, Chelsea and I have hoped that the paper could be the voice of the students. It’s why we kept up the blog, why we started the website, why we take so many guest contributors. With this issue, I think we really succeeded at that goal. We provided the student body with the information they needed and wanted and in the process I hope gained their trust. The Crescent can only get better from here and I’m proud to be a part of where it can go in the future.


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