ACP National College Journalism Conference 2013

When we first decided to go to this conference, I’m not sure if we really knew what we were getting ourselves into exactly. Sure, we knew we were going to a conference on journalism and would get to mingle with other college journalists.

Little did we know we would encounter a whole slew of things which may or may not include: attending a seminar where the speaker walked around waving a horse whip, getting asked out for drinks by a fast-talking Indian man who was 7 inches shorter than me, and losing my name tag.

The seminars were all fantastic. My brain got blown on multiple occasions. The two sessions that stand out the most were: Better Living Through Design and For Editors Only: Ruling With An Iron First, Yet Wearing a Velvet Glove (that was the horse whip guy).

Guys…my whole college years of being on the paper I was told that white space is bad, evil and from Satan himself. Mr. Ron Johnson from Indiana University (whose school newspaper has won a bajillion awards) says otherwise. White is just fine folks! It was like entering design freedom!

And yes…let me explain the horse-whip guy. He paced the aisle of the room, holding the whip nonchalantly at his side and occasionally swatting at observers in the front rows. We stood in the back. Despite the intimidation factor, it was a great session. He encouraged being an asshole at the beginning of your term and then easing up. Chels and I are little late on that bandwagon, but there’s always next year’s Editor in Chief!

And presenting…my original name tag! I have photographic proof.

Cool right? It’s got the Editor ribbon on it and the fancy logo and everything.

But go figure when five girls are sleeping in a room for four (Katherine slept under the desk…and according to her, it was fairly comfortable. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on those Westin beds though…paradise in bed-form right there), things go missing. Particularly name tagage. Like the above. I took a picture, set it down while we went to dinner and SFMOMA and the next morning…gone. Disappeared.

I blame name tag fairies. The sneaky little pixies stole my name tag!

I did get a new one (like my souvenir??? I always wanted one of those shirts) with the ribbon intact…but no cool logo. Ah well.

Anywho…when you get a whole bunch of college students and professors together (especially journalism people) crazy things are going to happen. Perhaps it just goes with being a journalist, but the conference had it’s own bar, where attendees could go in the evenings after the sessions to, presumably, drink away the day.

We were much cooler and had dinner on the wharf and went to the Modern Art Museum. Yeah…we’re classy folks. Better than going out to beers with the friendly guy from the City University of New York or wherever who flipped me his business card and told me to call him if I wanted to get beers after the conference.

Don’t worry…I didn’t call. Contract and whatnot.

We did get some pretty cool swag, if I do say so myself. The notepad has the first Amendment on it (which oddly enough, as part of a private institution, the Crescent isn’t protected by freedom of speech…meaning I could totally get expelled for some rogue story).


Overall, it was a fantastic conference. Lots of good memories and inside jokes were made. And I think the paper will continue to get even better with what we learned. I can’t wait to see where future staffs take the newspaper and the website. The conference is held in San Diego next year and I think plans are already in the works to go again next year. Perhaps I’ll attend as an Alumni Adviser?? I’d be down for that!


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