The Wonderful Web

It’s been quite the week guys. Lots of crazy happenings. Maybe it’s because we got back from a conference, but all of the sudden stories seem to be popping up out of nowhere. It’s really exciting actually. And on Friday night a group of friends and I went to a performance by our theater troupe, and was really struck by the theme. It inspired a whole week’s worth of posts are will be coming up next week! Anywho…here are a few of my favorite posts this week. The one on Dhaka had me browsing the Emirates website for flight back to Bangladesh.

-I have to start off with this post on Dhaka. How rare it is indeed to find someone who even can glimpse an understanding of what I saw. I am longing for Dhaka.

this article by one of our writers on The Crescent totally blew my mind this week. Within the lowest human being, if such a notion is even comprehensible, lives an indomitable thirst to love and be loved, to help and be helped, to support and be supported. Although by nature we are relational beings, craving the affections of friends and lovers, we thrive and shine on the individual level.

-why “guarding your heart” isn’t exactly a good thing.

-again the gnocchi just keeps popping up. I have GOT to try this sometime.

-the pros and cons of being self-employed. This is getting more and more appealing. Could I jump into being self-employed after graduation??

-the gender stereotypes with math…Who knew??

-I have got to jump on the LinkedIn train.

What teachers really want to tell parents….good to remember.

-International Women’s Day was on Friday! An article on how far we have come and how far we have to go.


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