It’s Ok to Be Imperfect

I need to remind myself that it’s ok to be imperfect.

On Friday night, George Fox University’s acting troupe, the George Fox University Players, performed a piece called the Gospel of Enough. Through story, they moved through Fear, Anger, Sadness and Joy.

In many ways these are the stages of my story. My story of being imperfect. Of taking rest. Of being different. Of knowing it’s ok to not always be “off” in a crowd of people who are “on”. Of knowing that I am enough and knowing God is enough.

How often I forget the journey that I have been on and the events that led me to where I am today. Friends hear the story and are shocked to find that the woman I am now is nothing near the girl I was two years ago. She would find me repulsive and my heart breaks for the pain that she did not acknowledge.

This week I want to go through some stories in my journey. My journey through fear and anger, sadness and joy. Great storytelling inspires me to tell great stories. I don’t know if these are great, but they are true. And someday I knew I would have to tell them.

These stories happened over the past two years of my life. They are hard things and scary things and luckily I’ve come out better from having those experiences. But humor me in riding the journey. I won’t answer everything immediately, because I still don’t have all the answers. But that’s what journeys are right? Seeking and finding and seeking with all your heart.


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