Friday Faves

It’s been a pretty chill week. Mostly just getting projects done and being more productive than I thought I would be. One more week till Spring break, seven until graduation. I got two almost job offers this week so we shall see where all that leads. And last night Chelsea and I planned our last Croissant, the satire issue of the Crescent. The lasts are coming. :/

Book to Read:

The Art of Travel

This is a simply stunning book that I’m reading in prep for my trip to Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. But it’s great for wherever you’re going. I’d recommend it to everyone.

Thing to Make:

make a tight shirt bigger - i LOVE this idea

I have this idea for a shirt in particular that I can’t wait to try it on!

Weekly Adventure:

Our campus chapter of IJM did an event this week called Stand for Freedom:27 Hours for 27 Million, to raise awareness on campus of victims trapped in sex slavery. Really incredible feat!

Favorite Quote:

The kind of woman.

Place I’m Craving:

Photo Courtesy of Jill Williams

My niece and I are planning a road trip to Route 66 for next summer after she graduates form high school. I’m freakishly excited. 🙂


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