The Wonderful Web

My parents came down to Newberg this weekend for a quick visit. Guys, I have the greatest parents in the world. Also, they’re pretty cool.

This week was a good week for blog posts! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend and enjoy this almost-to-spring-getting-warmer-at-least-for-Oregon weather.

-thinking of investing in some sponsorships to get more traffic to my blog…this post gives some tips I should use!

how to act like a Parisian….France is just calling me guys…it’s almost starting to get annoying! Also, eating in Montmatre…my favorite neighborhood in all of Paris.

-When did St. Patrick’s Day happen?? Here’s a great recipe for a Shamrock Shake. 🙂

free glasses guys…I’m taking this offer up for sure! I’ll report back when I receive them!

-as if I need any more motivation….traveling after graduation. Yes.

stuff to get when getting a cat. Always important info.

-I am a complete sucker for housewares…especially kitchenware. Anything to make my kitchen more homey, wonderful and friendly.

-another post from Heather on our trip to San Fran two (goodness, when did that happen!) weeks ago.

this makes me sad for all the little girls who have to ask their parents, “Mommy, why can’t I be a Warrior too?”


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