The Wonderful Web

It was quite a week! I got a job, found an apartment, took a horrendous test and started spring break. Lots of incredible and crazy stuff happening. But good. And thank goodness for Spring Break.

this was appalling…remember people…there is a difference between Miss America and Miss Universe. Miss America is actually (contrary to popular opinion) a good thing.

-Oh the yes, buts. I’ve gotten through so many issues because of these statements.

-I always knew tea was good for you…especially Earl Grey tea! My favorite.

-I wrote a post on the Steubenville rape case earlier this week, but here’s the blog that first inspired the post.

-I guess I’ll have to get used to taking my own lunch places again…no more Bon to feed me!

-my new apartment (which we found this week!!) has a porch. I can’t wait to have a garden and a small BBQ and host summer parties.

-implementing these tips for a kick-ass about page right now!


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