The Wonderful Web

Happy Easter! Take today to do something special to celebrate the incredible work Jesus did on the cross. I’m spending it with my family and then Newberg bound to finish out my LAST few weeks of college. It’s all getting real folks.

-my great grandmother made hundreds of quilts in her lifetime (I am blessed with two that are just stunning) and I’ve always wanted to give it a try. This tutorial could help me get started.

-Once I buy a sewing machine that is…any ideas anyone?

-This great DIY bracelet from the Crescent’s spectacular fashion writer, Lauren Parker. Gotta love a good DIY.

-Apparently, having fewer Facebook and Twitter followers means that you’re normal.

20 Things to Learn in Your 20’s…I can certainly be looking forward to this.

SPF…for a pale girl like me, this is important!

-Sarah posted a great blog on road trip tips…I’ll definitely use these on my upcoming Route 66 Road Trip

-WHY is escaping the 9-5 sooo appealing?? And how to make money off your blog.


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