The Wonderful Web

-I love April Fool’s…Cupcakes and Cashmere had this hilarious video that made my April Fool’s Day.

-Nomadic Matt has this great post on using cell phones internationally.

-tips on surviving the changes to the blogosphere.

-Ashley had this great post on signs that say you’ll never reach you’ll goals and how to combat them.

-gotta love a good money/spending post. Yes and Yes had a good one this week.

-I wrote a pretty controversial post earlier this week. Check it out here is you missed it!

-The New York Times did a great article about What Feeds New Yorkers and it was completely fascinating! It makes me wonder how much the President of New York University was exaggerating when he said that he drinks 20 cups of coffee a day.

-I love videos about dance. This one is about a company in New York City that is remaking the Theatre of Harlem.

-one of George Fox’s English teachers has a pretty awesome blog, and she posted this incredible post on virginity that I totally love and resonate with. Also this blog on traveling with a baby is hilarious!


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