National Journalism Week-Day 1

According to the Associated Collegiate Press, this week is National Journalism Week! Each day celebrates a different groups of people on a newspaper staff and today we’re celebrating designers.

There are many reasons why I wish I was a better designer: getting to play with InDesign, working with colors and pictures and white space, creating innovative and new design ideas. And while I’m perfectly average when it comes to design, I am by no means anything fantastic when it comes to design. That being said, I appreciate the help of good designers.

On the Crescent staff we have an InDesign extraordinaire: Leah Abraham. She is our A+C/Feature editor, and has blown me out of the water with her design skills. A good designer is critical, but especially for a little paper like ours that only has so much going for it. When we were pumping out our 12 page issue, she was in the front lines of the design process, tweaking articles and pictures to create an issue that looked great. The March 6 issue was probably one of our best looking issues yet and that was mostly because of Leah’s dedication to the process. I can’t wait to see how else she explores the great world of design with the Crescent.

Here are some of her designs from the March 6th issue.


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