National Journalism Week-Day 2, 3, and 4

It’s one of those weeks. I get all excited about a new week long blog series and then it bombs a few days in. Or in this case, one day in. But here I am to catch up!

Day 2

The mark of a good writer, in my opinion, is authenticity, honesty and clarity. Someone who can draw the reader into a story with their words and their vision. On the Crescent we have a few of those but I want to highlight two of them: our investigative jouranlist, Heather DeRosa and our op-ed writer, Ryan Lackey.

Heather has been at the front lines of getting to the seedy-underbelly side of our George Fox Community. Not that there is much of one, but when it attempts to show its teeth, she is there with the speed of light, interviewing and compiling away on a story that our readers need to know. She is also taking over, along with our foreign correspondent Sarah Brase, as the Co-Editor in Chiefs next year for Chelsea and I.

Ryan is our opinion writer and world events man. This guy is so freakin well worded ya’ll. Half the time, I have to read his stuff a few times to fully understand what he’s talking about. But when you DO get what he’s talking about….prepare to have your mind blown. This is the guy who, at the conference in San Fran, blew the mind of one of the speakers in a seminar and shut down a discussion faster than Bugs Bunny eats carrots. Read his blog A Far Better Rest, and check out some of his articles, here, here and here.

Day 3

Wednesday was all about photographers. And must I say, that the Crescent has some of the best!

First there is Joel, who I’ve mentioned before as taking the pictures for our San Fransisco trip. Here are some of his best pictures for the Crescent:

Then there is Lauren, our fashion photographer and Photoshop extraordinaire. Get a load of the nutria, right???

And of course, Kosette, who has some of the best ideas for pictures that I’ve seen. Creativity is this girl’s middle name.

Day 4

Finally, today, Thursday is Editor and Business Manager day.

I must say that we have a pretty incredible business manager in Vince De Benedetto. In the past few years our business managers have done practically nothing, forcing the Crescent to rely completely upon our student government for funding. This year, however, Vince was able to pay for almost a whole semester of issues (even our extra issues and our yearly magazine) by getting so many ads. And he’s our resident Diva, so we love him lots.

And finally today, I want to highlight the person who I think is our MVP, our most valuable team member. My Co-Editor in Chief, Chelsea Sowards. She and I have been working on this journalism thing for the whole three years that we’ve been at GFU. Getting to be Co-Editors together was an incredible decision by our predecessor, Kasey Carter. I could not have run the paper without her. To my big thinking, and multi-tasking self, she is the processor and visualizer. We make a great team and the Crescent would not be what it is today without her influence on the paper and on me. I am blessed to be able to call her a friend after this crazy experience. Thanks Chelsea. You were the best Co-Editor anyone could ask for!


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