The Wonderful Web

I hope you all had a splendid week! Mine was busy and sporadic and my memory is sort of foggy on all the things that happened. I’ve never been as forgetful as I have been this week. Anyways, here are some cool links for you!

-guys…mermaids exist. Mostly as humans who can hold their breath for insane amounts of time and wear silicone tails…but still.

-I’m probably behind the times on this, but Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article on Why Women Still Can’t Have it All was absolutely fascinating.

-This article on moving will useful in less than a month!

ballerinas are badass…to say the least.

-I’ve always wanted to make my own bread

-Our perfect lives on the internet and how they differ from our real lives.

-I am dying over these awesome typographer mugs

-Have you caught on yet that I’m a total sucker for cookbooks? Here’s one I want when I have kiddos around.


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