The Wonderful Web

-these hanging flowers are beautiful. They’d make a great background for a party!

-I’ve never thought of having a gift stash, but this is brilliant!

-I’m all for being green and environmentally friendly so this article on green cleaning totally resonates.

tiny paper cities…these are incredible. I wish I’d had these to play with as a kid!

-I always love imagining my perfect day. Sarah had a great post on that and I spent a good hour writing mine down.

-again the reasons one should travel young…the desire to travel just keeps getting stronger every time I think it’s as strong as it’ll get.

-the joys of motherhood…Abigail Rine does it again with a beautiful piece on mamadom.

-guys…this is lovely…food in mugs. I love it!

-this guy traveled through 32 states in 55 days and took a picture every 5 seconds. The video is showing a whole 32 states in five minutes. Epic.


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