Friday Faves

My last Friday of undergrad. Tomorrow I walk in my cap n’ gown and receive my (fake) diploma. And I’m practically done. Really the only emotion going on in my head this week is a stunned awe of everything ending and beginning all at once.

Book to Read:

The New York Times, 36 Hours: 125 Weekends in Europe

I’d love to browse through this for my trip to Spain in October!

Thing to Make:

Maybe this is bad…but for the past two weeks I’ve been having intense cravings for really bad food: fried chicken, cheese sauce, salsa. I even had Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, which, with the exceptions of once over spring break, I haven’t had since I was in junior high.

Weekly Adventure:

And so my last year working on the Crescent comes to a close. I can’t believe how much we accomplished and all the dreams we made a reality. What a year!

Favorite Quote:

A quote from this fabulous post:

“Check in with yourself and pay attention to where in your life you feel like you’re forcing it – because you probably are. If you could change one thing about the situation that feels forced so that it would be more in line with your values, what would it be? Then work on changing it. Slowly at first, and more intentionally as you move forward. Keep going til your life has the sense of ease and freedom that you crave.

And don’t ever stop til you get there.”

Place I’m Craving:

I’m going to Paris in October. Spain and Paris. Paris is always a good idea…


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