The Wonderful Web

I’m graduated. I’m graduated and tomorrow I move into my first apartment. My first address that is mine. My first kitchen that is mine. This is getting real ya’ll. I can’t believe it’s getting real.

-another post on freelancing

-a fantastic post on the silly things that are usual in fantasy fiction…love it

-you can never have too many tips on writing.

-anyone else loving the ombre trend? I’d like to get paint samples and repaint this for my bedroom.

-loving these prints. I want a few all over my apartment.

-the current events in Dhaka are making me miss Bangladesh and wishing I could be there to help. I can definitely get behind Pope Francis’s opinion on the matter.

-I’ll have to try this 20+20 technique for my website come summer

-Mr. Rogers factory tours…life made

-what a $14 t-shirt really costs


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