The Wonderful Web

This week I got furniture and had a really fantastic week of work meetings, double dates, seeing friends and catching up on the Newsroom (since somehow I ended up with HBO free!). Now, on to the links!

-Has anyone else noticed how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE lists? Here’s one on pantry essentials, the best affordable art sites (cause I’m always in the market for cool artwork), and the best, cheesy tourist attractions (I really hate being a tourist, but there are some things that are worth the crowds, Hawaiian shirts and loud Americans…like Disneyland).

-One of the many reasons I like A Pair of Pears is their adorable pet DIY projects, like this treat jar. So cute.

This is a fabulous idea for a party and something I would totally do.

-So…who wants to go to Iceland with me?

Top Ten in Barcelona….yes, yes and yes.

-And I’ll never turn down a list of good quotes…especially ones on writing or relationships.


2 thoughts on “The Wonderful Web

    • I’ve never been to Barcelona, but am visiting Spain for the first time in October. Which I why I had to share your post! I’m taking all the input I can get on Barcelona, Madrid and Southern Spain.

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