The Wonderful Web

There won’t be a lot of links this week. And it’s not for a lack of interesting things going on in the world (in one day on NPR I heard that Michelle Bachmann retired as did her opponent, Russia is spending more on the next winter Olympics than London and Beijing did, and something about an increasing trend in movies featuring homosexual relationships), but for an entirely different reason.

Today I am going to Disneyland. With three pretty awesome people. There and back again in about 60 hours. Cause that’s how cool we are.

So needless to say, my whole brain is focused on getting us from Newberg to Anaheim in one piece and still enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth (not that that will be too hard) and what in the world I’m wearing and how not to be too tired as an eco-friendly, non-caffine drinking hippie sort of person. Packing for quick weekend trips? There will be a post on that coming up soon. I think I can sufficiently say I’m a pro after this trip.

However, what is a Sunday without links?? Here are my favorites from the week, as few as they are.

-a great article on how Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere left her job to blog

Top Ten Happiest Cities in the world…so cool. The only US city on the list is San Fransisco. Who knew??

-I love me a good reading list

-this new line from Target…I’m a HUGE fan…more than I should be.

-I also found this phenomenal small business, Made By Girl, with the most adorable prints. My endless hunt for artwork for my apartment is still in full-swing!


2 thoughts on “The Wonderful Web

    • I follow about 20 or so, and I check news sites (like NYTimes, huff Post, etc) about once or twice a week. I used to follow about 50, but weeded out the ones that didn’t resonate with my interests on a regular basis. Now the blogs I follow are the ones that I go to for inspiration an good stories on a daily basis. If it interests me more than once a week, it’s on my list. 🙂

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