The Wonderful Web

This week I’m Seattle bound to celebrate my cousin’s graduation and see some friends from school. Enjoy the week and the continued sunshine!

And now for links!

-defining the relationship is always so complicated right?? Here’s a hilarious post by one of my college professors on the DTR Assessment Tool from Focus on the Family. Yes, you read that right. DTR Assessment.

-again with the lists. Things to do this summer!

-ah Madrid…the more I read about you, the more excited I am to visit.

-while I can’t wait for warm weather and days off to go picnic-ing, here’s a sweet indoor picnic idea for rainy days.

-I love the idea of sewing my own clothes, especially after seeing this post from Whitney. I’m not sure if I would have the patience however.

Great video on making money off your blog and decorating when you’re renting.

-Again with the lists…this time on travel gear.

-Anyone know of Allison Krauss’s song Lay My Burden Down? The mastermind songwriter behind that hit was Aoife O’Donovan. And she’s pretty incredible in her own right.

-And let’s finish off with this incredible post by Abigail Rine, a professor at my alma mater. Her reflection on men and women in the home are spot on. The prominence of the “breadwinner” role is displaced by what one might call the “breadmakers,” husbands and wives who both work to make their home stable, loving, productive — whether or not they are also employed beyond the home.


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