The Wonderful Web

Happy Father’s Day!! I want to give out my dad who happens to be the best dad in the whole world ever. He raised me and my brothers with lots of fun adventures and reminded us that we have a say in our own futures. Thanks Dad for being the best. I love you!

And now for the links!

-this post made me think, cry, laugh and cry again. A beautiful, touching story.

-ah…the Cinderella slayer…I have mixed emotions about this article. Any thoughts?

-this new take on how to talk to little girls. LOVE it.

-a wonderful post (albeit old) on dealing with social media and wanting less in a give-me-more world.

-lovely Barcelona. I think I’m really going to fall in love with Spain.

-has anyone else jumped on the Turntable Kitchen train? Good food and good music. I’m loving it. For starters check out the awesome Bells Atlas. Then when you’re done go obsess over Salt Cathedral. Also, the Record Company. Both really ingenious bands. Also, where do bands get these awesome names?

Kale chips? No kidding.

-I’m always looking for ways to organize my necklaces. This is a great idea that I will be definitely using.

-Who doesn’t love flying a kite? They just scream summer, wind, beach and fun to me!

yummy summer drinks. I’m always down for something cool in the summer heat!

-I am not normally a fan of necklaces but I really like making my own jewelry. I could go for this necklace as project and an accessory.


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