Friday Faves

It’s Friday! This week I became a resident of Oregon (see ya Washington!), celebrated a friend’s birthday, and discovered a new board game (has anyone played Blokus??? It’s seriously SO FUN). What did you do this week?

Book to Read:

Homeward Bound: Why Women are Embracing the New Domesticity

An interesting book on why and how women are leaving the workplace for the home. Intriguing considering we just won our way out of the home.

Thing to Make:

My roommate and I have a growing collection of succulents. I’m still on the hunt for plants for our porch, but for now, we have some lovely greenery inside, which is making the apartment look splendid.

Weekly Adventure:

It became officially official. Now it’s on paper, in real life. I’m have bachelors degree. Now let’s go get me a job!

Favorite Quote:

Needing inspiration for my writing this week. This one hit the spot in the midst of some incredibly difficult writer’s block.

Place I’m Craving:

A friend recently went to Petra, Jordan. I’m immensely jealous.


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