Friday Faves

What a fun week! Stephen and I made it up to Seattle (again…I swear…I’m going home more now that I’ve moved out than I did when I was in college) for four days of vacation. We ran all over Seattle, spent some time on the beach and had a lot of yummy food. And we fed seagulls…which was So. Much. Fun.

Onto Friday Faves!

Book to Read:

The Piano Tuner

This is one of the most incredible books I have ever read. It’s touching, brilliantly written and really smart.

Thing to Make:

S’mores Pancakes...yum!

These look incredible decadent but also absolutely delicious!

Weekly Adventure:

Going to Seattle for the 4th of July week. Four glorious days off!

Favorite Quote:


Place I’m Craving:

The seagull feeding area next to the Ivars on the Seattle Waterfront. My whole childhood, I had no idea it existed and Stephen and I found it on Tuesday. So much fun!


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