Travel Tuesday: Where Do I Go?

I’m starting a new series! Travel Tuesdays will include traveling advice, travel guides and tips and tricks for traveling on your own or with friends and family. To start off, we will go to the beginning of ever travel experience: deciding where to go.

This is probably one of the hardest questions for me to answer. If someone asks me “Alexis, where do you want to go next?” I’ll hem and haw an answer just to fill the space because if I could honestly answer I’d say, loud and proud, “Everywhere!”

But unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. So I’m left to pick my next adventure from the millions of possible adventures that could arrive at my feet.

So how do you choose? There are a number of factors that go into deciding where to go: money, availability and if you’re going by yourself or with others. Let’s break those down:


Perhaps the biggest catch for many would-be travelers in money. Flights are damn expensive and with all the crazy stuff going on in the industry, prices will likely get more expensive.

BUT…for many places in the world, airfare is not a good indication of how much your trip will be. Look into staying with family, friends, acquaintances or Couchsurfing and you can cut your cost easily. Look at the cost of actually being in the country before looking at airfare. Very often, (especially in Southeast Asia, parts of Africa and Latin America and even Europe) once you’re in country, the costs aren’t as frightening as they appear when you’re browsing flights to Amsterdam.

2. Availability

Another big catch. Whether or not you’re available for however long you want to be away. A long weekend? 10 days? A month? A year? Forever? Making sure you can be gone for as long as you want to be also can dictate where you go. If you only have four days, you won’t be flying to England from the States for a long weekend. However, a road trip to a national park or nearby city is much more reasonable. Know how much time you have. Whether or not your time is action-packed to the last second, or leisurely wandering through a location, that is up to you.

3. Traveling by yourself or with other people

If you’re going by yourself, you have much more control over where you’re going and what you’re doing than if you travel with other people. If you’re traveling with other people you have sounding boards and other minds to think up good ideas. Finding a location that has something for everyone in your party is vital to the success of a trip.


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