The Wonderful Web

It was a great week for some pretty good links. Also enjoy this fantastic Pellegrino commercial. A gem I found while purusing food blogs.

-a great DIY on homemade glasses. I LOVE a new addition to my glass collection.

-I’m a little bit obsessed with magazines. So this post by Yes and Yes was brilliant.

-It’s no secret that reading makes us more intelligent. But apparently reading makes us more empathetic too!

-This place is beautiful. I’d love to visit here for a few days…months.

-I tried to do this once.

-I’m normally not a fan of flavored waters, but I tried this sage/blackberry water and it was actually fairly delicious!

-this is a really smart idea.

-my lovely cousin Ciara has an adorable food blog. Check out her recipes. The baked beans recipe sounds dee-lish!

big parties we should have instead of weddings. Love it.

-and if you missed the BIG POST of the week (and probably the year), check it out.


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