Beaches, Horses, and Another Road Trip

Stephen and I took another unplanned, spontaneous road trip up to Long Beach, WA, to visit the ocean and get ice cream at one of the best places in Washington state. AND…

It finally happened. I rode a horse on the beach. After riding horses regularly for almost five years, I never rode on the beach till now.

Her name was Ginger and she was about 15.3 hands tall, a yellow-ish gold colored, Quarter Horse mare. And while we didn’t get any photographic evidence (due in part by some of the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my whole life), it totally happened.

I at least got this picture of the horses in the coral. Plus I got to canter. I don’t think I’ve cantered on a horse since I was sixteen. It was possibly the most incredible experience of the summer.

And in case you forgot, here is the list and what I still need to accomplish this year.

  • Ride horses on the beach
  • Take an online bartending class
  • Be able to do the splits.
  • Go backpacking through the Sisters Mountains
  • Pick a cookbook and cook my way through it
  • Bet on a horse at Emerald Downs/Portland Meadows
  • Bar hop in Post Alley/Portland
  • Go dog sledding
  • Do a police-ride along
  • Pay for the person behind me in a drive-through of some kind
  • See an opera by the Seattle or Portland opera
  • Run a 5K
  • Write a fan letter
  • Find an occasion to wear a huge dress
  • Read Les Miserables
  • Watch Shawshank Redemption
  • Submit articles to three different magazines
  • Bake a soufflé
  • Wear dresses/skirts for a week straight
  • Make a video for the blog
  • Name the blog

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