Wonderful Web

-as if I need to be reminded of all the reasons I want a dog

-it’s Peach Season! So I better get onto doing something about it right?

-Ah Madrid…I’m really going to fall in love with you.

-A Head Covering movement? Goodness…people will come up with anything these days.

-Books to change your life

-an interesting article on one woman’s interaction with Hasidic Jews.

writing heals all (or at least a lot) of wounds

-it’s no secret I love the French…having these on my wall would be lovely! And this beautiful painting of the Golden Gate Bridge.


One thought on “Wonderful Web

  1. Going there…since the old laws were to fall away with the writings of the New Testament…and 1 Corinthians is in the New Testament, I support the head coverings for Godly women. I have actually researched this for years, since I was about 10 to be exact. Since I clearly do not currently wear a head covering, I see this as an insecurity on my part by not giving myself over to the laws of God completely. I really think by not wearing a head covering today, we are just picking and choosing which of God’s laws we want to obey. I read this article you listed, but I admit to not hearing anything about the head covering movement, and not reading any pinterest boards or facebook pages about it. I have however, extensively researched ordering or making my own head covering (in many different fashions…notice how Muslims, stricter Jews, Mennonites, Amish, and others all wear head coverings?) Why do you think it is that Godly women today, for the most part, do not wear a head covering? I suspect it is because most Godly women today do not wear a head covering…if you follow 😉

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