The Great List-Salade Nicoise

Another duo of recipes from the delicious French cookbook.

Renee and Hope came over and we spent the evening making salad nicoise, which is a french salad filled with every veggie imaginable, plus delicious olives and the best dressing I’ve ever had. It’s amazing what lemon juice can do for veggies. Plus, I had enough leftovers for two days!

AND…drum roll please: I made a successful souffle!! It puffed up and everything. We made a cheese souffle, using Gruyere cheese (which is pretty incredible cheese). I intended to split the recipe in half but accidentally put in too much milk and too many egg yolks. Ah well, you lose some, you learn some. And they still rose and tasted delicious. I’m seriously proud guys.

Aren’t they pretty??

Renee finished off the evening with a delicious berry tart. This girl is like the tart queen of Newberg.

Recipe Count: 4/42


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