In Case You Hadn’t Noticed…

Lovely in the Everyday has moved!

On October 1, I moved Lovely over to my new online home:! I’ll be updating and blogging at This Rugged Heart now instead and will be closing down Lovely in the Everyday in the near future.

Thanks for following Lovely. I’ve really enjoyed having this blog and am excited to continue the experience over at This Rugged Heart.


A Brief Hiatus

There won’t be a Friday Faves post today. Instead I’m going to give you all a heads up that for the next week or two, I’m taking a break from blogging.

It’s been a hard week. My last with Stephen before he leaves for seminary on Sunday. Things like blogging or writing or reading have sort of gone out the window this week in a cruel game of grabbing time.

I wanted to say thank you for the support. I couldn’t get through this crazy thing without the support of my family and friends. You all are my rock solid foundation.

I’ll see you in a few weeks!

Friday Faves

It was a busy week! My parents were in town as was a friend from Northern California. Stephen and I made dinner for my parents on Tuesday night (a blog post is forthcoming) and Renee and I went to OMSI After Dark to see Mummies and explosions. Fun week.

What about you?

Book to Read:

Divine Vintage: Following the Wine Trail from Genesis to the Modern Age

Wine and the bible…this is a book I could get behind!

Thing to Make:

no-bake buttermilk pancake layer cake with malted pecan Buttercream {whoa.}

Weekly Adventure:

Favorite Quote:

The Little Things....

Place I’m Craving:

Stockholm, Sweden

Writing For Boston

It has taken me a few days to gather my thoughts on Boston. I attempted to write something on Friday morning when the city was in lock down and I had a dear friend on an airplane headed east to a science conference in the city. I attempted something over the weekend, trying to put words on paper to reflect the confusion and sorrow and pain in my head. All week I’ve thought conflicting thoughts as I’ve tried to reconcile what happened last week with our reaction to it.

And I’ve come to no conclusion whatsoever.

There are so many aspects of this event that break my heart. The bombing itself and the lives lost or changed because of it. A whole city locked in fear as police scaled the area for the bombers. Our reaction and cultural shutting in of the men who bombed the marathon.

I could go on for a long time on my fears for my friend as she landed in Boston, and rode a taxi through a deserted city to her hotel and how I hoped to keep hearing from her, simply to make sure she was alright. I can rant about my frustration towards my own country as we stereotyped two men and their country and culture, because we needed someone to blame.

I could list a long, long list of the ways my heart has broken in the past year. Shootings, bombings, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, Stuebenville. Our lives are not left untouched by pain or fear or prejudice. But I could also list a long, long list of the ways I’ve seen opportunities for the growth of our country.

Very often we forget that we are not alone on this earth. In one simple event, we can forget that the people we are blaming are in fact people. With families, friends, moral obligations, religious and political leanings, lovers, children, passions and hobbies. So quickly we place blame. So quickly we find someone to take the hit for whatever is wrong with the world.

And maybe I’m too gracious for my own good. I’m generally quick to find the good in a situation or attempt to understand why someone acted or said or did whatever they did or said. But it’s practically impossible to find good in situations like the Boston Marathon bombing or cases like Dr. Gosnell murdering innocent children.

But I cannot seek justice without seeing that there is a light somewhere in the problem. Whether it’s improved international relations between two countries, or stricter regulations on health clinics to make them safe and prejudice free, to make those changes happen, there must be grace given to a situation. Grace to a country whose motives we don’t know and grace to the regulators who didn’t see. God gave us grace. Shouldn’t we extend the grace we have received?

Forgive my disconnected thoughts. These are from my heart, such as they are.


The Wonderful Web

Now that I’m home from my Medford adventure, I’m homework bound today. But before I dove too deep into homework, I wanted to share some blog posts from my favorite blogs. A bunch of my favorite blogs post their web links every Sunday, and I think I’d like to mirror the habit.

-Whitney has this great tutorial on how to make clay rose earrings that I’m dying to try.

-Mr. and Mrs. Globetrot are sharing photos from their adventure to Cuba. There are four different Cuba posts, and they are all stunning.

-Sociological Images brought up an interesting point on the different ways society views men and women who act on strong emotion

-How to properly chop an onion. Somehow I missed that in all the cooking classes I received from my dad.

-France has been on my mind for the past month; perhaps I’ll make these chocolate eclairs to ease the longing for the tastes and smells of Paris.

-Here’s an interesting look on indoor cats. I’m trying to decipher how realistic they are being and how dramatic. We’ve had outdoor cats for years and nothing horrible has happened to them. Somehow, I don’t think my cat, Neville would be too happy with being an indoor kitty…he likes the sun too much:

He really loves sunshine.

The Crescent Goes Online!

Today George Fox University’s school newspaper, the Crescent (of which I am Co-Editor in Chief along with the lovely Chelsea) goes online! After much blood, sweat and tears, the paper has an online home!

So much has gone into this project and I am so proud of how it has turned out. We are updating the website daily, Monday through Friday with content on everything from World events to student government to fashion and opinion columns. The Crescent staff has put in so much time and energy to make this process easy and fun for Chelsea and I and we would be totally lost without them.

Check it out in all it’s beautiful glory! And a special thanks to the following people for being particularly great through this process:

  • Sarah Gibson
  • Melanie Mock
  • Margaret Vogt
  • Lisa Loberfido
  • Chelsea Sowards
  • and last but not least, the whole Crescent staff. All 26 of you!
Click here to visit the new site!

Click here to visit the new site!