Cravings for Autumn

It’s been HOT guys. For a girl raised in Washington and Oregon, where the temperatures rarely every see above 90, this has been one toasty summer. I’m not a warm-weather bird. I’d much prefer it to be colder. I enjoy cuddling and snuggling and cozying and this heat is just not cutting it.

Which is why I’ve been having major intense cravings for autumn. My favorite season is almost here…I can feel it.

I am on of those people who LOVES that period of the year from October to December. The weather, the holidays, the food, the drinks, the RAIN. I love it. And it is SO CLOSE.

It makes me think of school, and projects, and late fall coffee dates spent walking through lines of trees turned gold from the changing seasons.

And then I think of school again. And I realize that I’m not going back this fall. For the first time in my life, autumn will be rung in in an entirely different way. No more back-to-school rush to get notebooks or pencils, no more syllabi days (which were always my favorite because my Type A personality loves a schedule), no more buzz about new classes and new teachers and how much work we’re going to have to do all semester.

Instead, my fall will be rung in with work. More work. The same old, same old, that has been my rhythm for the whole summer, will continue on through the fall. My schedule will stay the same, my days will rise and fall as they have the past three months. Nothing new.

Except for autumn. Except for trees changing from green to gold, for 90 degree temperatures to return to a more comfortable 50-60. Except for shorts and dresses being exchanged for boots, sweaters and scarves and for iced tea being traded in for warm apple cider, or hot tea with lots of milk and sugar.

I can’t even wait.